Journal of Dharma Gleaning

  • Six Paramitas.

    “Taken together, the paramitas are also likened to a boat that takes us across the sea of suffering:
    The paramita of generosity, according to this analogy, is the wood, light enough to float but not so light that it floats away. Thus bodhisattvas practice giving and renunciation but not so much that they have nothing left with which to work.

  • Nobody is Safe

    We are all together in this--it is a very difficult world. That doesn't mean don't engage. In fact Buddha said that's where we should be. Anybody can be stable on a beautiful day. What about when the thunder rolls and rumbles on the horizon? What about when there is trouble in the air? Can you be stable then? Forget about Buddhism--it's not important. The world does not need to be Buddhist. It needs to be stable. Then we are all safe.

  • Basic Buddhist Teachings for Zen Students.

    the Three Pure Precepts: I vow to refrain of all harmful actions I vow to do all that is good I vow to live for the benefit of all beings