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Prairie Mountain Zen Center welcomes people of all faiths and backgrounds. We seek to make Zen practice available to everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, religion, political affiliation, economic class, sexual orientation, age, and ability.  We recognize that the practice of sitting quietly with yourself, surrounded and supported by others doing the same, can benefit everyone. In our practice, we value both our differences and what we share.

Featured Events

Standing at the Edge: Zen, Edge States, and Compassion

Sunday October 24, 8:30 - 10:30 am

We will listen to the recorded SZBA 2021 Conference Keynote Address by Roshi Joan Halifax, PhD. Following the keynote we will discuss it as a group.

Roshi Joan Halifax, Ph.D., is a Buddhist teacher, Zen priest, anthropologist, and pioneer in the field of end-of-life care. She is Founder, Abbot, and Head Teacher of Upaya Institute and Zen Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

8:30 - 10:30 am MT.   Zoom link

Two 20-minute sittings with walking meditation between.

Recording will start at 9:30 with discussion to follow.

David Coupland.jpg

The Heart of Understanding: Thich Nhat Hahn's commentary on the Heart Sutra

Sunday October 31, 8:30 - 10:30 am.

Our guest speaker this week will be Sanga member David Coupland.


David practiced and studied with Zen and Insight Meditation groups in Ann Arbor, MI for over thirty years. He trained as a Dharma teacher with Deep Spring Center, Ann Arbor, and taught insight meditation to community groups.


David worked in software development and marketing, managed a small nonprofit, and taught high school before retiring to Longmont with his wife Karen in 2019 and has been a member of Prairie Mountain Zen Center ever since.

8:30 - 10:30 am MT.   Zoom link

Two 20-minute sittings with walking meditation between.

Dharma talk will start at 9:30.

September 16—October 21
Zazen begins at 6:30 and the class runs from 7-8pm

Each week Rev. Chikyo Ewan Magie will offer a brief presentation followed by group sharing to keep classes interactive. We will study and practice with Janet Abels’s book Making Zen Your Own: Discovering Giving Life to Twelve Key Golden Age Ancestors (2012), and study select koans from The Gateless Gate, Book of Serenity, and Blue Cliff Record. Each week, after zazen, we will investigate these ancestors and select koans together during our evening class session.

This 6-week class will be online via Zoom for any interested practitioners.  Zoom link.  Syllabus.


First Sunday of Each Month
September 2021 - August 2022

On the first Sunday of each month, during our regularly scheduled practice time (sitting at 8:30 am, presentation and discussion at 9:30 am) we will study the 16 Bodhisattva Precepts systematically, for an entire year. Each month we will meet and share our thoughts and experiences in relation to a specific precept. The monthly meetings are also ideal for raising questions about our practice, our relationship with the Precepts, and our practice with all beings.

Click here for more information including the schedule and supporting texts: Precept Study Sundays.

8:30 - 10:30 am MT.   Zoom link

Thursday Evening Class: Ancestors and Koans


Precepts Study Sundays