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"Exploring the Roots and Fruits of Mindfulness"

On Sunday Jan. 24, sangha member Paula Scarborough will give a talk on "The Roots and Fruits of Mindfulness."

Meditation 8:30 am MST, talk and discussion at 9:30 am. Zoom link

Thursday Evening Practice

6:30 - 8:00 pm.   Zoom link

In January, Cliff will be presenting excerpts from "Passing Through the Dragon Gate" by Shoken Winecoff Roshi

6:30 pm - sitting

7:00 pm - walking and break

7:10 pm - talk and discussion

Living By Vow:

PMZC Winter 2021 Class

Offered by Reverend Chikyo Ryunin Ewan Magie.  We will study and practice with Shohaku Okamura Roshi’s book Living By Vow. Each week, after zazen, we will chant these together to start our evening class session. Open to all. Syllabus

Six Thursdays beginning Feb. 4.

6:30 - 8:00 pm MST.  Zoom link

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