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The Meditation Place to Close

We did not pass through the pandemic unscathed. Not enough clients of The Meditation Place are returning to cover the lease payment, so we will be closing our Longmont location as soon as we find a replacement tenant, who can sub-lease from us for the remaining four and a half years of our lease. This will likely be a private company seeking office space.

We are using a real estate broker to help us find a sub-lease group, which will involve a substantial broker fee, plus we need to cover the monthly lease payments in the meantime. Luckily Prairie Mountain Zen Center procured a thirty-year SBA loan with small payments that should be enough to get through this transition. We are optimistic a new tenant can be found. Until then, we intend to practice in our space at 324 Main St. and rent it to others who can use the space within the uncertain time constraints.

Once we have found a replacement tenant, Prairie Mountain Zen Center will be seeking a new practice location in Longmont, but we are not likely to continue the model of The Meditation Place. We will continue our current schedule on zoom, either with or without a physical practice location.

We have greatly appreciated the hundreds of persons who have supported The Meditation Place over the last ten years with their practice, volunteer efforts, donations and well wishes. I know our connections and efforts will continue to be of benefit in Longmont and beyond.

If you have questions about our situation, please contact Rev. Cliff Clusin (

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