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Rev. Kalen McAllister - “You don’t eat this good in prison”

On Sunday August 30 our guest teacher will be Rev. Kalen McAllister.  The title of her talk is “You don’t eat this good in prison”. Join us for meditation at 8:30. Her talk begins at 9:30am.

Rev. McAllister was ordained by Rev. Shoken Winecoff in 2007 at Ryumonji Monastery near Decorah, Iowa. She is a long-time practitioner of Zen, and was active in the operation of the Missouri Zen Center for many years. In March, 2009 she received an award from the Women’s Buddhist Council in Chicago for her work with prisoners in several eastern Missouri prisons. In 2004 she co-founded Inside Dharma, an organization dedicated to assisting prisoners in practical matters, as well as supporting their practice of meditation and Buddhism.  She also founded Laughing Bear Bakery, which provides employment for ex-offenders in the St. Louis area.

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